We will strategically position your church staff plus your church's finances to meet the challenges of 2021.

We are passionate that churches don’t just survive but thrive!
Staff Restructuring Services
Church Financial Advisor Services
Church Coaching Community

The pandemic continues to negatively influence churches across the country. As the pastor, how is the church staff adjusting to meet the future needs of the church?

New Circumstances Require Leaders To Try New Strategies

In these unprecedented ministry times, are each of the current staff members in the right positions?

Every church should evaluate the current staff organization chart to ensure it aligns with the future needs of your church.

What is your church's financial plan when fewer people are attending in-person on Sundays?

Every church needs to find new ways to increase giving while finding innovative ways to decrease expenses.

Is your church staff properly equipped and trained to be successful in 2021?

Your staff could thrive having access to a peer-to-peer collaborative environment to learn and share ideas with other churches.

Our Services

From a virtual platform, MRM and Associates provides specific ministry and business solutions for small to mid-size churches. Many pastors and church leaders are still trying to successfully pivot from the ever-changing disruption from the pandemic. No pastors and/or church leaders have been through times like these, so maybe getting help is the best decision you can make for your church. Our team specializes in three ministry areas. This approach allows us to focus and bring your church the best results in the shortest amount of time. To make this opportunity even better, we created plans for each of the services and are priced to fit any church budget. Here are details of those three services and the areas where we can make your team and your church better:

Staff Restructuring Services- We will evaluate your current staff org chart through our P3 Framework. This framework will maximize the church's salary and benefit dollars to ensure proper funding is in place for the 'new needs' (moving current staff into new roles, the opportunity to add new positions, and/or the need to eliminate positions). From our experience, a reorganization of any kind can be a very sensitive situation, and having a 3rd party consultant would be beneficial.

Church Financial Advisor Services- A Church Financial Advisor will utilize our 7 CheckPoint Financial Framework to accelerate the financial momentum your church is experiencing or bridge the gap between where your church is financially and where it needs to be. The framework is designed to formulate a financial plan each month to increase giving and decrease operating expenses. The combination of these two will create positive financial margin for your church. Also, this affordable service is perfect for small and mid-size churches. Our Financial Advisor will work alongside your current Bookkeeper and/or Administrator. We will provide proven financial solutions, plus your team will have access to comprehensive reports which are easy to understand. Don't wait and take advantage of this amazing opportunity today!

Church Coaching Community- We are excited to launch this unique and innovative opportunity utilizing our Peer-To-Peer Framework. This service involves monthly collaborative Zoom calls where each participating staff member can learn from our experienced coaches, as well as learn best practices from their 'peers' at other churches. The number of monthly calls can range from 1 call to 8 calls per month. This number of calls is based on the church's needs. Finally, there is a coaching service that services small to mid-size church leaders that they can afford!
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Sense of Peace

Now, you can rest assured there is a plan in place to be the best steward of the resources given to your church.

Church Staff Restructure Plan

No Obligation / No Contract
  • Full Assessment Of Current Staff Org Chart
  • Create An Affordable Future Staff Org Chart Based Off The Results Utilizing Our P3 Framework
  • Develop A Plan And Provide Talking Points To Explain Transition Plan To The Staff
  • Access To Church Coaching Community (additional fee for this service)
  • Direct Access To Your Advisor For Any Staffing Questions

Church Financial Services Plan

No Obligation / No Contract
  • Full Assessment Of Current Financial Position and Needs
  • Affordable Monthly Membership Provides A Customized Financial Plan Each Month Utilizing Our 7 CheckPoint Financial Framework
  • Monthly Call With A Church Financial Advisor (Assess Monthly Financials / Review Monthly Giving And Expense Plans)
  • Provide Customized Monthly Financial and Attendance Analytics
  • Direct Access To Your Church Financial Advisor For Any Financial Questions

Church Coaching Community Plan

No Obligation / No Contract
  • Full Assessment Of Current Coaching Needs
  • Affordable Monthly Membership Provides Access To Our Peer-To-Peer Framework
  • (2-8) Coaching Calls Per Month (number of calls will be based off the church's needs)
  • Provide Collaborative Zoom Calls Each Month For Your Participating Church Staff Members
  • Provide Additional Staff Training Ideas
  • Direct Email Access To Our Coaches For Your Participating Staff Members

Not making a decision is actually making a decision. Doing something today can be the start of a better tomorrow!

For many pastors, leading a church during this pandemic has created overwhelming pressure and stress. If this is you, maybe you don't know where to start or even have access to experienced professionals to assist you in your specific ministry challenges? The great news is NOW you have affordable options!

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.
Proverbs 25:22 NIV

"The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence:
it is to act with yesterday's logic.”

Peter Druker

Let's Go Further, Faster.....Together.

Your team is facing new challenges every day, and there is no reason to go through this chaotic season alone! This partnership can accelerate the momentum your church is experiencing or bridge the gap between where your church is and where it needs to be.

The three affordable and effective services MRM and Associates offers (Staff Restructuring Services, Church Financial Advisor Services, and Church Coaching Community) will produce immediate results for your church. Our innovative business model sets us apart from other consulting and financial companies. We have learned being focused on a couple of ministry areas can bring more value to churches than trying to be good at everything.

Our team is the perfect blend of experienced full-time ministry leaders plus successful marketplace leaders ready to serve your team. The bottom line: MRM and Associates will provide solutions to your challenges, so you and your team can focus on making your church the best option on Sunday mornings.

Staff Restructuring Services
Church Financial Advisor Services
Church Coaching Community