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The aftermath caused by the pandemic continues to negatively impact churches across the country. Unfortunately, one major issue happening right now is pastors/church leaders/staff members stepping away from full-time ministry. If this is your church, what is your plan?

New Circumstances Require Leaders To Try New Strategies!

What is the transition plan when a pastor/church leader steps down from your church?

If your church is going through a leadership change, the staff does not need to be left trying to put things back together.

Are your team members in the right positions to fulfill the church's mission during these challenging times?

Every church needs to evaluate its current staff organization chart to ensure it aligns with the future needs of the church.

Is each of your staff members equipped and ready for all the challenges your church will be facing?

Your team members will thrive learning in a one-on-one and/or a collaborative coaching environment with other church leaders.

Our Services

From a virtual platform, MRM and Associates provide specific ministry and business solutions for churches of any size. Many pastors and church leaders are still trying to successfully pivot from the ever-changing disruption from the pandemic. No one in ministry has been through times like these, so seeking outside advice could be the best decision you can make for your church. Our team specializes in three ministry areas which allow us to be very focused while bringing your church the best results in the shortest amount of time. Here are some details of our three services:

Leadership Transition Services- If your church is facing a leadership transition, then you and your team better be prepared! When there is a transition in leadership (Founding/Lead/Campus Pastor), the entire church will transition. The board, deacons, elders, committee, or whoever else is overseeing the hiring process will have to step up with little to no experience with this type of situation. It will be uncharted waters for the people involved, so having access to experienced voices will be extremely valuable during this process.

If financially possible, we recommend hiring a professional search firm (we don't offer this type of service) to find your next pastor. While the search for the new pastor is taking place (which can take months), the current hiring committee needs to ask, "What is the plan to support the interim pastor(s) and staff?". The entire team will be facing challenges never experienced before, and they would benefit from having experienced guides/coaches to talk through their unique ministry situation.

If your church is going through a leadership transition, the experienced team at MRM and Associates can step in to provide Leadership Transition Services for your team. With our services, our goal is for your team to be spiritually healthy, personally energized, and professionally equipped for the new chapter God has planned for your church. In our experience, if the team is ready in these three areas, then the new pastor will be positioned to lead the team further faster! There is no reason to go through this season alone! We are here for you!

Staff Restructuring Services- We will utilize our proven P3 Framework to evaluate your current staff organization chart. This framework will analyze the church's salary/benefits dollars, the current personnel on the team, plus the current/future positions needed for the church. This process will ensure there is proper financial funding for the new staffing structure (moving current staff into new roles, adding new positions, and/or the possibility of eliminating current positions).

From our experience, a church restructuring can be a sensitive and difficult situation to go through alone. To make this process as easy as possible, MRM and Associates will guide you and your leadership team from start to finish. The goal is to get your team properly aligned, create new synergy within your team, and ensure everyone is prepared to meet the future needs of your church.

Church Coaching Community- MRM and Associates is excited to help launch this unique and innovative coaching service for churches. Our affordable plans include one-on-one personal coaching, one-on-one ministry coaching, and/or a collaborative coaching environment for each of your team members.

The goal of each of the plans is to grow church leaders personally as well as professionally. Each plan includes one monthly Zoom call for each participating member. Your team members will have the opportunity to learn from one of our experienced coaches, plus from other church leaders serving in the same ministry area. Now that is an innovative concept, and we are confident this will make your team better! Take advantage of this opportunity, so please contact us today!
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Leadership Transition Plan

No Obligation / No Contract
  • Full Assessment Of Current Staffing Needs
  • Provide Strategic Leadership Transition Plan For The Current Pastor(s) And Church Leader(s) To Implement During Hiring Process
  • One-On-One Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls With The Current Pastor(s) And Church Leader(s) To Provide Spiritual Insights, Personal Support, and Professional Coaching
  • One-On-One Monthly Zoom Coaching Calls With Participating Church Staff Members To Provide Spiritual Insights, Personal Support, and Professional Coaching
  • Direct Access To Our Coaches For Your Participating Staff Members
  • *This Service Involves An Interview Process To Ensure Both Parties Come To Terms With An Agreement*

Church Staff Restructure Plan

No Obligation / No Contract
  • Full Assessment Of Current Staff Org Chart
  • Create An Future Staff Org Chart Based Off The Results Utilizing Our P3 Framework
  • Develop A Plan And Provide Talking Points To Explain Transition Plan To Your Team
  • One-On-One Weekly Zoom Coaching Call To Address Any Questions
  • Provide Additional Training Ideas To Ensure Staff Is Prepared
  • Access To Church Coaching Community (additional fee for this service)
  • Direct Access To Your Advisor For Any Staffing Questions During The Restructuring Process

Church Coaching Community Plan

No Obligation / No Contract
  • Full Assessment Of Current Coaching Needs
  • Monthly Membership Provides Access To Our Personal Coaching Framework
  • Monthly Membership Provides Access To Our Peer-To-Peer Framework
  • Monthly Membership Provides Access To Our Collaboration Church Framework
  • (2-8) Coaching Calls Per Month (number of calls will be based on the church's needs)
  • Provide Additional Staff Training Ideas
  • Direct Email Access To Our Coaches For Your Participating Staff Members

Not making a decision is actually making a decision. Doing something today can be the start of a better tomorrow!

Being part of a church leadership team can be the best of the best, but it also can be very difficult. One thing is for sure, churches are facing challenges never seen before, which makes it harder for each person involved. Being in full-time ministry brings on certain expectations, but now the extra pressure and stress caused by the pandemic have forced some pastors and church leaders to step away.

If your church is going through any type of leadership transition, staff restructuring, or needs professional coaching, MRM and Associates has the exact services for your team. There is no reason to go through these uncertain times alone. Your church leadership has very little margin in making a bad hire/staffing decisions, and you may only get one chance of getting it right. Why not seek wise counsel in such an important decision(s)? We would be honored to have the opportunity to guide your team through your entire process. We are confident you and your team will be grateful you did!

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance
of counselors there is safety.
Proverbs 11:14 ESV

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.
Proverbs 25:22 NIV

We Can Go Further, Faster By Working Together!

Your team is facing new challenges every day, and there is no reason to go through this chaotic season alone! This partnership can accelerate the momentum your church is experiencing or bridge the gap between where your church is and where it needs to be.

The three affordable and effective services MRM and Associates offers (Leadership Transition Services, Staff Restructuring Services, and Church Coaching Community) will produce immediate results for your church. Our innovative ministry/business model sets us apart from other consulting companies. We have learned being focused on a couple of ministry areas can bring more value to churches than trying to do or offer everything.

Our team is the perfect blend of experienced full-time ministry leaders plus successful marketplace leaders. With this wealth of expertise and wisdom, MRM and Associates is ready to provide solutions to your challenges. If your church is in a tough situation, we will work to shorten the season plus provide relief during the process. When we are sick, we go to the doctor. They assess our symptoms, run diagnostics, and provide a plan to make us better. We are not medical doctors, but we will basically do the same thing. We will assess, diagnose the situation, and then come up with a plan, so your church gets back to normal as soon as possible!

Leadership Transition Services
Staff Restructuring Services
Church Coaching Community